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Social Security Claims and Disability | Pitts & Zanaty, L.L.C., AL | Video Transcript

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[GRAPHIC: No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services provided by other lawyers]
NARRATOR: If you can’t work because of a mental or physical condition and you need help getting Social Security disability benefits, listen closely.
[GRAPHIC: Challenged]
NARRATOR: Without an attorney you will be challenged.
[GRAPHIC: Frustrating]
NARRATOR: The process can be frustrating.
[GRAPHIC: Cases fail]
NARRATOR: A majority of the cases applied for fail.
[GRAPHIC: You’re alone]
NARRATOR: You’re out there all by yourself with no one to help you.
[GRAPHIC: 1-877-RDPITTS Experienced]
NARRATOR: At Pitts & Zanaty, L.L.C., as experienced Social Security disability attorneys.
[GRAPHIC: We meet you]
NARRATOR: We dedicate times to meet with you personally.
[GRAPHIC: We do everything]
NARRATOR: We do all the paperwork and filing for you.
[GRAPHIC: No initial cost]
NARRATOR: And there’s no cost to you unless your claim is awarded. Pitts & Zanaty, L.L.C.
[GRAPHIC: Pitts & Zanaty, L.L.C. Attorneys At Law Social Security Disability Albertville Cullman Decatur Florence Huntsville 1-877 RDPITTS]